an art collective dedicated to exploration and fusion of sound, music, and image,
made by João Ferreira and Marta Fiolić

each of them brings their own professional background, interests, knowledge and perspective,
and merges them through shared vision
εntropiα by Inês Galvão Teles
εntropiα by Inês Galvão Teles

collaborative live audio-visual installation

September 15th, 2023
Largo Residências, Lisbon

The piece is based on the testimonies of the women of the SOMOS MULHERES Association about their livelihoods, their struggles, their setbacks, and their triumphs before, during, and after experiencing homelessness. The narratives have no beginning or ending; they reflect different passages with different odds and possibilities, while the sounds and images help the immersion in the experiences, faces, and places. The installation is envisioned as a slideshow of photographs and videos in synergy with a live musical performance using keyboards and electronics. It premiered as part of “Sensing Places Together”, the closing event of the A-Place project – Linking Places through Networked Artistic Practices

in development
23-28 August

Pieces made for the workshop with Pablo Sanz devoted to the collective creation of a soundwalk in response to the sonic ecologies of Lisbon, that form an itinerary between Carpintarias de São Lázaro and Teatro Romano.
Bairro do Rego, LISBOA
May - September 2022

What is a soundscape and how can we use it in a community context to recognize and further build our relationship with place and space? How to compose for a place? With these questions as a starting point, we co-created a series of pieces with neighborhood’s youth, while highlighting the potentiality of music and sound to enhance the experience of a place and exalt their creative responses to it.
A RECONNECTING PLACE is an initiative of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences NOVA University of Lisbon, in collaboration with PASSA SABI Association, within the scope of the A-PLACE Project (2019-2023), funded by the CREATIVE EUROPE Cooperation Project Agreement number

5-6 November 2022

At the invitation of Academia de Jazz - Os Franceses, we held a collective creation workshop, exploring and mapping the sounds of Barreiro. The workshop was included in the program of the 2nd Jazz Festival of the Academy and took place on the 5th and 6th of November 2022.
We invited participants to actively listen to their surroundings and explore the sound of their city – human sounds (speaking, singing, etc.), human intervention (mechanics, means of transport, etc.) and natural sounds (flora, fauna, climate, etc.). This exploration was accompanied by various equipment and sound recording strategies, with which the participants recorded the richness of sound between the Academy and the riverside promenade. We manipulated the recordings through audio editing software, composing a collective piece, now available in the ECHOES app.

Portela de Messines
17 February 2023

Following an invitation from Somos Mesmo Inclusivos - a project co-financed by CRESC 2020, Portugal 2020, and the European Union through the European Social Fund - in partnership with the association Raks Al Amar, we were in Portela de Messines for a sound exploration activity during the tinwork workshop with David Fernandes.