interactive documentary
Lisbon, Portugal
2021 - ongoing

This story begins in January 2021 in a small café in Alcântara, a neighbourhood in Lisbon, Portugal, where three women met for a coffee – a psychoterapist, an artist/researcher, and a woman who experienced homelesness, but would later become the president of the SOMOS MULHERES Association. What could be overheard just minutes before was, "Don't you bring me another academic; you know I'm going to send her running." 
But even so, or despite this, two years later, there is an interactive documentary in front of you that was created with a great deal of love and devotion and through ongoing collaboration of seven heroines and "another academic," who's now a friend and fellow fighter for justice.
The documentary offers a glimpse in into the stories and lives of women who experienced homelessness, and it serves as an invitation to have an open and real discussion that can scatter misconceptions, inspire hope, and open the door to a more just society.