Visual Identity, Interface Design, Camera/Photography

Lisbon, Portugal
January 2022

This webdoc invites us to cross the bridge and enter the Rego neighbourhood to get to know its people, their daily lives, their history. Hidden since its construction, at the beginning of the 20th century by urban boundaries, separated from the new city by the train line, the Rego neighborhood acquired throughout its existence its own history - history of migrations, encounters and disagreements, of struggle and resistance, of outsiders.
PASSAPONTE is the result of a collective work carried out at the Hackathon Webdoc, during 10 days in which a group of people got together to get to know this “beyond the line” reality and document it in a participatory way for interactive publication.
The webdoc is the result of an initiative promoted by CRIA/ISCTE and FABLAB/ISCTE, produced through the methodology of Estúdio CRUA, with the coordination of Marcia Mansur and Marina Thomé and the partnership of the PASSA SABI Association.